Vlog : Watch Me Get A Hole in my NOSE!

OUCH!!! Got my nose re-pierced over the weekend after soundcheck! Stoked at the looks of it! Super cute! But BOY did it hurt this time! Shouts to Capitol City Tattooz in Tallahassee! They hooked my cuzzo Jeremy up with the ill tattoo too! Enjoy! LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE!

Shot and edited by your boy @bswaggernaut aka Blair Caldwell.

I’m wearing:

Headband from Anthropologie
Lace Tank from Urban Outfitters
Harem Pants from Free People
Necklace custom

How did my musical journey begin?

You might be surprised to hear that my journey began as a Girl Scout in Long Island. My backyard was an acre of forest and my musical roots grew playing the piano and singing in the church choir.

Later when I got to school my life blood was jazz and time off was filled with alternative music, but the main reason I kept coming back for school everyday was the guys on the Five Towns basketball team. True story.

Growing up with ADD was one of my struggles, but I figured out I was actually pretty smart when I started focusing more on school and less on boys.

But your first memory of me might be singing the hook for Nas’s hip hop anthem “Can’t Forget About You.” As I was finishing high school in New York I was signed to Def Jam right away, so you could say my record deal was my diploma. The flower child in me fought being signed. But who turns down a major record label? I was literally talking to LA Reid in ripped up jeans, a Bob Marley track jacket with no makeup on, and shoes that I could not walk in. When I sat down and played at the piano they were convinced there was a place for me.

It wasn’t until I started singing hip hop hooks that I felt like I fit in. I’ll always be a singer songwriter with a coy, rebellious indie spirit at my core.

What I learned over the years is how to be a black girl who is more than just an urban dollar at a record label. Instead I’m learning to paint a universal color with my music.

I also know there’s not millions of dollars lying around in the industry, so sometimes you have to buckle down and get a bridge job until your career picks up. In the end I’ve found that hard work and dedication will always pay off.

My commitment to myself from now on is to always tell the truth. Only post what I believe and never coward down to the status quo out of fear, money or obligation.

My Thoughts on Cappuccino

Coffee is one of those things that separate the men from the boys. The tastemakers from the taste-less and the mundane, rich from the starving artists.

I’m pretty sure we all know by now, that most starving artists aren’t actually starving for more than a stage to exploit their art by their own rules.

I remember my exciting days of calling myself this hip-cliché term in college. I’d have my mom’s 50-dollar bill in one pocket and a bus token in the other. It was this clever juxtaposition of very dirty converse and 80-dollar Abercrombie & Fitch cargos, when matched with a pawned guitar, and a sad song lyric sung on a sidewalk, the starving artist title was my pretentious identitiy.

These lyrics could only be conjured up by the tasting of one coffee and one coffee alone. At the time, that coffee was Starbucks.

Coffee was this magical elixir. We students would drink it in the library to study for finals and receive all sorts of revelations on Handel’s Water Music. We’d suddenly receive perfect pitch. And if we had a Venti anything we could guarantee the perfect cadence for our class composition. You had to carry your Starbucks.  It carried the same degree of excellence as a mechanical pencil to mark your sheet music. We were starving artists.

Then there was Professor Lipton. Contrary to his last name, coffee was his beverage of choice.  The much-adored stickler had a knack for getting on my nerves and heartstrings at the same dang time.  He was really cute with black and gray hair, fitted black slacks and a jersey knit or cashmere long sleeve top. Yes. Everyday.  Like a character. Clean cut. I loved him because of his passion for execution. He just did one thing wrong that really made me un-comfortable. He would often have the courage to walk into a class with a cup of 7 11 coffee and his head held high. A mockery. That’s what it was. How could he be so brave as to hold a baton and expect me to vocalize when a morbidly orange and green sign was emblazoned on a white cup and seated on the poor Yamaha piano behind him? My ADD would go into a downward spiral.  I’d loose my notes midway thru a tune. Get that imposter beverage out of here! God bless Professor Lipton.  I will always remember him lovingly. I’m sure he meant no harm… but that was harmful.

You see friends; coffee for an artist is like is like blenders for a chef. You will never see a real chef mix a smoothie in an OSTERIZER.  Vitamix is the ONLY option. By the way, I still have my un-chefly Osterizer and love it to pieces. But much like that college 50-dollar bill, mom got me a Vitamix for Christmas and I lovingly cradle my Osterizer for the nostalgia.

This is how I feel about Starbucks.  Yep I said it.  I am a coffee snob. Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Le Pain Qo’tidien (ummm, somebody check the spelling on that) are the ONLY acceptable options for my palette.  Now, before you hiss about how bougie I am, please note that these are the same sentiments I owned while working part time at junior high schools as a dance instructor to pay my college bills. Oh yes, my 20 bux a day was big money. At about 5 bux a pop, with 20 dollars, 4 cups of coffee could get me almost through an entire week. If I was lucky a barista would make a mistake and prepare the wrong drink for someone, and guess what chubby college kid was ready right away to take that free, black gold off their hands? Me. Chrisette Michele Payne. The coffee hoe.

“Chill out Chris, it’s just coffee.”, yeah, I know. And this is just my opinion.

Memory: Sitting with Bevy Smith at Bryant Parks Le Pain Quotidien during New York’s fashion week in between shows wearing a black top hat I’d purchased in London.

Secrets of Resolving Company Issues

The company is like a family, in which there are many members from different backgrounds. The more members in the company body, the more vulnerable a conflict or problem occurs. Usually the fundamental problems that often occur in a company are caused by differences of opinion or miscommunication between company members. For those of you who are having problems, here are the secrets of resolving company issues that will greatly help you find a way out.

If company conflicts are increasingly complex and prolonged, it is very important for you as a company leader to take quick steps to resolve the issue. If the problems in the company are allowed to linger, it will spread to other members’ bodies and the impact will be even greater. If you want to have a good mental strength to solve problems that occur in your company, please read the references in my article below:

How to advance the company with mental strength

As a simple example of a problem that occurs in a company is when there is a lack of coordination between superiors and subordinates, then as soon as possible find the root of the problem because if it is not immediately addressed then things that you don’t want can happen, for example just a demo or even the worst is strike.

A leader is required to be able to act quickly, decisively but still has wisdom in making decisions and it is a necessity for a leader to solve existing problems. Here are some secrets to solving company problems in the company:

Get to know the problem in general.

The first thing to do from the secret of resolving a company’s leader’s problems is to recognize the problems that occur in general, you need to pay close attention before deciding what attitude to take.

So that you understand why problems can always arrive and how to find solutions to problems that occur, then you can read my following article: Causes of problems in life

 Find facts related to the problem.

After you recognize the problems that occur in general, all you have to do next is find the facts relating to the problems that are happening in your company as much as possible. The facts that you find will strengthen the findings of your problem. This fact will be accurate evidence if indeed the problem occurs due to the mistakes of the superiors or even from the subordinates.

Identify the main problem

The next step in the secret of resolving company problems is to begin to identify the problem by finding out the underlying causes of the problem or who is involved in it. Your task here as a leader is very important, because in identifying the problem you have to really pay attention to every detail of the object that you will identify carefully, don’t let any part of your research object be missed.

    Consider a way out

And the secret to solving the company’s last problems is to consider a way out. Next you need to do to overcome the problems that occur in your company is to consider what possible solutions you can take to solve the problems that occur.

If in the previous article we have discussed the Secret to increase sales, then if the problem can be resolved, then we should be able to take care of any problems that arise in general, not only in the sales department.

Considering some problem solving solutions will be very beneficial to take when the initial solution you have taken cannot run effectively. Do not forget to consider the effectiveness of the solution that you will take before you execute your choice and the most important thing is not to let the solution that you will take will harm the other party. Hopefully the secret of solving company problems can open your mind to be more mature in making decisions in solving problems.

Fat Vegan : Start With Breakfast “Diva Vegan Mocha”

Hey Hunni,

How are ya? So… I’m getting tons of questions about veganism and recipes.

Let me disclose some info first. My grandad was the ill chef in his day. Butter rolls, fried chicken, candied yams and collards… the list goes on. I know how to make ALL OF THAT very well. It’s in my genes. Let me just get off my chest firstly that I am a foodie. I love to try new things and I love to go home and cook them.

SO, although I lost 40 lbs becoming vegan and having an incredibly cleansing spiritual and physical journey, I shuts the kitchen DOWN in all food genres. Now that, THAT’S out of the way… let’s get down to strict vegetarian business. Oh, and I say “strict vegetarian”, as not to offend any of my beautiful vegan friends.

Some Fun Fairy Notes

  • I’m secretly dying to know where every piece of someone’s outfit is from AND where they work. I often ask.
  • In case you haven’t heard I’m a pizza connoisseur. My first choice is Brooklyn and then Rome and Paris as a close second. From the tomatoes, to the crust, and the thyme and salt. I’m supposed to be vegan, but pizza makes that very hard.
  • My favorite way to sweat is PIZZA… no I’m kidding. I love hiking in the canyons of LA, strolling in Heckscher State Park in Long Island, or walking uphill on the treadmill while watching The Kardashians on my smartphone (or Downtown Abbey, or videos on Pitchfork.com).
  • One thing most people don’t know about me is I’m not the biggest connoisseur of R&B, but I do consume massive amounts of hip hop, soul, and indie music.
  • What it means for me to live it up is eating buttermilk pancakes at Station off the L train in Brooklyn with a bunch of friends and sharing deep laughs. Paris is nice too. With a close friend and well… pizza.

The Secret to Overcoming Conflict Within the Company

Problems are always there and approaching anyone who is still alive. As long as we are alive, we certainly have a myriad of problems according to our capacity and also the level of maturity. There are so many problems ranging from personal problems, family problems, problems with partners to problems at work.

Every problem comes to be solved and we should take lessons from every problem that occurs. In this discussion we will provide information about the secrets of resolving conflicts within the company. We convey this because the problems in the company are so complex and must be resolved as soon as possible.

The following are the secrets of dealing with conflicts within a company effectively.

1. Analyzing conflict

There are several things you must do to resolve conflicts that exist within the company, one of which is to analyze the conflict. We need to know what problems are actually happening and how to solve them. That way we know exactly what and how to solve problems that are happening.

2. Resolve conflict

Now that you know the conflict, it’s time to resolve the problem as soon as possible. The faster the better, so you don’t drag on some other problems and you can move on to overcome other problems.

3. Identification of Problem Sources

So that you understand why problems can always arrive and how to find solutions to problems that occur, then you can read my following article: Causes of problems in life

4. Evaluating conflict

After all is completed, it is expected that everyone involved in this problem must be able to evaluate properly. So it’s not just making mistakes but being able to learn from existing problems. Thus the problems that have occurred will not be repeated.

Hopefully with the secret of resolving conflicts in your company you will get references to overcome existing problems. That way your problem is quickly resolved and you can work better and more focused. Because the solution to the problem must be supported by all parties, it means that all people involved in the problem must be willing to resolve the existing problems for the good name of the company and good relations between members in the company.

A Couple Of Forevers – An Acoustic Cover with friends!

Here’s a fun time had with some friends at AMP studio in Los Angeles. We covered my tune, the fan favorite “A Couple Of Forevers” from my 4th album “Better”!

Filmed and edited by Blair Caldwell.

Don’t forget to LIKE COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE. Leave your cover requests below!

Enjoy my latest cover of the fan favorite “A Couple Of Forevers”! Don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE! Leave your cover requests below!

Guitar: Justin Lyons
Vocals : Brittany B Music (www.LoveBrittany.com)
Sax : Bizkit (Allen Arthur)
Trumpet : Brandon

Together – An Acoustic Cover with Friends

Hey beautiful people! We LOVE sharing music with you and it’s so much fun taking your request! Enjoy this video with friends and be sure to leave your comments and requests below! Have a perfect day and spread light, love and laughter everywhere you go!!!

Vocals : Brittany B (@BrittanyBMusic on insta)
Guitar : Kerry (@kerry2smooth on insta)
Trumpet : Brandon
Saxophone : Allen Arthur (@Bizkitphatboi on insta)
Video & Edit : Blair Caldwell (@bswaggernaut on insta)