Hi, I’m Chrisette, but I usually go by Chris.

You probably know me as a singer songwriter, but I’d also like to introduce you to the flower child and kind rebel that has always resided inside of me.

Thanks for stopping by the place where I hang my art + heart. This online home is the intersection where you and I meet.

What does that mean?

It means we will experiment in performance, laughter, and quite often healing through the lens of creativity. These stories are usually held closely as secrets and behind closed doors, but it’s time to heal and melt hearts together.

I believe that laughing at all the BS (heartbreak, industry, hurt) removes the pain and puts life in perspective.

Sometimes I’m literally laughing at my back ache and the duality of the artist’s life. I’ll literallly hang my Alice + Olivia dress at the foot of my Holiday Inn bed (by the way they have really comfortable beds), when other artists playing the same exact show as me are staying at the Ritz Carlton.

Those are the situations I find hilarious. I’m excited about every opportunity I get, but there are times when I can’t afford everything that I admire. Which is totally OK!

Put Simply.

Rich Hipster is a place where we come together and share love, build each other up, and shape a positive community that is rich in heart + art.

So let’s speak the truth about the misconceptions of the music industry and what it really feels like to be inside the machine.

The questions usually circle around these topics:

  • Is art and music diluted and watered down before the audience can receive the real deal?
  • Do major artists have any involvement in any of the things they put out?
  • Are there people telling us what to do, what to wear and what to say?

Honestly it all feels like being inside a fairytale: half real, half magical.

Let me tell you a little story as an example.

Once upon a time, art and music shined my light at the head of the machine and gave me a record to sing at the studio and like a fairy I sang it. The incredible Academy decided I should be rewarded and I was grateful.

Clearly I didn’t get my start in the industry as a Grammy ­award winning singer. But this is one of many stories that I feel like needs to be told.

Because really I want to uplift communities and create a new soundtrack with you for our lifestyles. So you and I can build pockets of brand new nations built on the act of giving, peace, and unity all over the world.