Fat Vegan : Start With Breakfast “Diva Vegan Mocha”

Hey Hunni,

How are ya? So… I’m getting tons of questions about veganism and recipes.

Let me disclose some info first. My grandad was the ill chef in his day. Butter rolls, fried chicken, candied yams and collards… the list goes on. I know how to make ALL OF THAT very well. It’s in my genes. Let me just get off my chest firstly that I am a foodie. I love to try new things and I love to go home and cook them.

SO, although I lost 40 lbs becoming vegan and having an incredibly cleansing spiritual and physical journey, I shuts the kitchen DOWN in all food genres. Now that, THAT’S out of the way… let’s get down to strict vegetarian business. Oh, and I say “strict vegetarian”, as not to offend any of my beautiful vegan friends.

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